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doing our bit for the planet

Sustainability Policy

The Shepppey Inn is committed to reducing our impact on the natural world. Below is a list of our current policies and our future aims to operate in an ecologically friendly way.

think smart, reduce waste


Reducing our impact on the environment is a core value in our sustainability policy.

  • Reducing the Carbon footprint of our production of food by using products sourced as locally as possible.
  • our use of single-use products has been reduced to the bare minimum.
  • We Prepare all our menu items from scratch and inhouse to reduce on-site packaging, transport and waste materials
  • We will be introducing meat-free Mondays to reduce the amount to bring awareness and reduction to the impacts of consuming meat and fish on the environment.
  • moving to a paperless office, using automation and online booking systems to reduce the amount of paper being used in our business
make it last.


Reusing is one of the most impactful ways to reduce our impact on the environment

  • We are phasing out single-use products such as paper napkins to be replaced by reusable linen napkins will reduce our waste output.
  • Our waste cooking oil is to be reused as biodiesel fuel.
  • We customised a SodaStream system do avoid purchasing and wasting hi-carbonated bottled soda for cocktails.
fix it, don't bin it


Waste not want not

  • We always aim to repair our equipment and furniture when they are broken, rather than replacing.
  • any items that are not repairable will be either upcycled into a piece of art or recycled as effectively as possible.


We aim to sort our recycling as efficiently as possible to make sure that there is low contamination to increase the usability of the sorted materials.



Carbon neutrality is our aim

  • we cook as much of our food as possible on our indoor charcoal grill, as charcoal is a carbon-neutral fuel source.
  • we have switched our Electricity supplier to one that produces 100% of our electricity from renewal sources.
  • we have installed our own solar panels to run our power requirements off-grid as much as possible. we can also provide surplus energy to the grid.
  • Our waste Cooking Oil is converted into biodiesel.
Return nutrients to the land


back to nature

we aim to seperate our waste food so that raw vegetable peelings can be composted and donated to local allotments.  If you are in need of good compostable material. please get in touch.

Less is more

Wine On Tap

Wine on tap is much more environmentally friendly than serving by the bottle and has many business benefits too:


  • Each 24l keg = 32 bottles (75cl), saving 16kg of glass from being produced and disposed of
  • Less packaging and reduced transport requirements mean a smaller carbon footprint
  • Our unique keg collection and refill service means each keg is reused again and again


  • Kegs keep wine fresh and in perfect condition – no cork taint, no oxidation, no flat fizz
  • Wine served at the ideal temperature
  • Consistency – wine quality maintained from the first to last pour