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Organic and Orgasmic Blanco £45

Light, Ripe and juicy / Organic / Vegan / 13% ABV / Xarel-lo / Catalonia
An organic Xarel-lo which is pressed and naturally ferment in stainless steel. loaded with notes of lemon peel, apricot and melon.

Samurai Chardonnay £32

Rich, soft and exotic / Vegan / Organic / 13%ABV / Chardonnay / South Australia

This easy-going wine is a super tropical juice with notes of white peach, pineapples and cream. A crowd pleasing Aussie wine.

Sex Drugs and Rock n’ Roll £34

Dry, crisp / Vegan / Organic Practicing / 12.5% ABV / Riesling / Germany
The Sex Drugs and Rock n’ Roll Riesling is a crisp, bone-dry Riesling with flavours of Granny Smith apple, citrus and mineral finish.

Gran Cerdo Blanco £31

Clean, bright, balanced / Organic / 12.5%. ABV / Viura, Gruner Veltliner, Macabeo / Spain.

A natural field blend similar to a white Rioja, medium bodied, fruity with a gentle finish

Coteaux Du Lyon £45

Sweet nectar of dried fruits / Organic/ 12.5%. ABV / Chenin blanc / France

Scents of baked peach, orange and caramelised fruit. On the palate, full-bodied, floral and concentrated with rich honeyed flavours

Mer et Montagne Blanc £45

A little burst of aromatics / 12%. ABV / Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc, Muscat / France
The Muscat provides a little burst of aromatics which gives this wine it’s universal appeal.

El Xitxarel £48

creamy pleasant and fresh / Biodynamic / 12%. ABV / Chenin blanc / France

Creamy, pleasant and fresh wine. On the nose, it stands out for its varietal aromas, ripe white fruit, and citric notes with floral hints

Adaras Lluvia £32

Clean, bright, balanced / Vegan / Organic / 12.5%. ABV / Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc / Spain

A Sauvy B with intensity of Verdejo, clean and bright white wine that balances tropical with green fruit. a lychee hit in the aroma, as well as kiwi and pineapple cubes.

Les Courtines £25

dry, balanced / 12.5%. ABV / Cotes du Gascogne / france
classic french dry white with notes of grapefruit, pineapples and apricot.


Viara Vincenzo £40

Light, Ripe and juicy / Organic / Vegan / 12% ABV / Xarel-lo / Catalonia
this garganega beauty is packed with zippy citrus peel and orange

Fuori Di Riccio £40

Bitter Orange Marmelade / Organic / Vegan / 14% ABV / Pallagrello Bianco / Italy This is a full bodied skin contact wine with a sherry feel about it. There’s a rich coffee note, some woodiness & a slightly gamey, meaty note too

Tragolargo Bianco £58

Fragrant. Sunny. Moreish/ Organic / Low intervention 14% ABV /Malvesia & Muscat / Alicante, Spain

This is a big nose wine packed with notes of tangerine, grapefruit, rosehip, white blossom and nusturtium.

Baglio Antico Catarrato £52

Citrusy & Herby / Organic / Vegan / 12% ABV / Cataratto / Sicily, Italy
Tbig on grapefruit and huge on herbs. The aromas are really interesting; think citrus pith, spiced apple and fresh pear.

Asarvos £38

Citrusy & Herby / Organic / Vegan / 12% ABV / Pansa Blanca & Pansa Rosada / Austrailia
Hints of fennel and tangerine peel. An aromatic wine with saline notes, good acidity and a fresh, well-balanced and long aftertaste.




Jean Paul Deville Champagne £72

Ripe and toasty, dry and refreshing / 12% ABV / Pinot Noir / France
Lush, toasty, but with that great backbone of acidity to keep it well balanced.

Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Réserve £58

Fine, even bubbles with a nose that boasts notes of citrus / Chardonnay, Pinot Noir / Bourgogne
Lime and pink grapefruit are present. Clean and precise with beautiful length. A fantastic alternative to champagne.

A Tordera, Prosecco £36

Fine and persistent bubbles / 11.5%, ABV / Glera /Italy,
Bursting with fruity apple and pear scents, with subtle hints of vanilla and acacia flowers

Moinet Prosecco Rose £36

Fragrant with notes of strawberries and cream / 11%, ABV / Glera /Italy,
Well balanced and fresh, the palate shows summer fruits, redcurrants and raspberries with a hint of white flowers


Disfruton £40

Bright, Juicy, crushable. / Vegan / 13.00% ABV / Grenache, Tempranillo / Spain

This little juice bomb is alive with fresh raspberry, cherry compote, strawberry laces and candied liquorice.

Adaras Aldea £32

Ripe, fruity, pulpy / Vegan / Organic / 13.5% ABV / Grenache, Syrah / Spain
Loads of juicy red fruit and firm balance of minerality. Expect notes of purple flowers, dried blueberries and macerated strawberries.

Jammy Monkey Shiraz £32

Bold, fruity, sunny / Vegan / 14% ABV / Grape – Shiraz / Australia
This is a silky smooth yet big red wine with tonnes and tonnes of fruit. Mulberry, stewed plums, redcurrant and spiced cherries

El Cabronet £48

Big, bold, fruity / Vegan / Organic practicing /14% ABV / Cabernet Sauvignon / Spain

Strong red fruit aromas and a fruit-driven finish. Flavours of vanilla, dark chocolate, blackcurrant and acacia and a touch of oak.

Hurluberlu £39

Crunchy, juicy, cherries / Vegan / Organic practicing / Biodynamic practicing / 12.5.% ABV / Cabernet Franc / France

Ripe flavours of cherry, cranberry coulis and plum skins. Nothing has been put in, nothing taken out. Just pure & delicious,

Jumpin’ Juice ‘Half Full’ Red £45

Fruity, juicy / Vegan / Organic / Biodynamic / 12.5% ABV / Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc / Australia

Totally translucent, with borderline rosé vibes. The main fruit is cherry, with peach and strawberry coming through with a touch of blackcurrant.

Mas D’Alezon £52

Ripe, fruity / Vegan / Biodynamic / 12.5% ABV / Grenache / France
This is a delicious biodynamic red wine , red and black berry notes

Ciello Rosso Nero de Avola £28

Crunchy, approachable, fruity / Vegan / Organic / 12.5.% ABV / Nero D’Avola / Sicily

Offers bold notes of black cherry, brambles, violet and sweet spice. If you’re on the hunt for an introduction to organic, low intervention wine; start with the Ciello Rosso!

Chateau du Cedre Malbec Camille £40

Juicy, spicy, elegant / Vegan / Organic / 14.% ABV / Malbec/ Cahor Malbec

This is a much juicier style of Malbec with notes of cherry, blackcurrant, damson, cedar and pepper

Moristel £29

big spicey natural / 13.5.% ABV /Moristel / Spain
With hints of plum and redcurrant, tea, rhubarb and cherries,

Gran Cerdo £31

Bright, fruity / Organic,/ Vegan 13.5% ABV / Tempranillo / Spain
Bright flavours of red cherries, raspberries, kirsch and almond. A touch of purple flowers on the finish and an all-round wild ride of spice.