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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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Sunshine Reggae - Fine Tuned brewery

Sunshine Reggae

Sunshine Reggae from Fine tuned Brewery in Somerton is a showcase example of what somerset is all about. quality local produce from passionate local people. A true-to-style American pale ale. Using a combination of Challenger and Cascade hops we’ve created a very sessionable easy drinking beer… A favorite at the Sheppey! Sunshine Reggae - Fine Tuned brewery ...

gert lush nectar

Gert Lush – Nectar amber ale

Brewed only a stone's throw away from the Sheppey. Local ale fanatic Marc Price and solo microbrewer is producing some of the loveliest ales and lagers in the southwest. Marc's recent brew of an amber ale called Gert lush - nectar is truly the nectar of the gods or at least the nectar of Godney! Gert lush brewery is situated on the river Sheppey just a mile down the road in Fenny castle. When conditions permit, marc is able to deliver carbon neutral by hopping in his boat and floating the amber nectar straight to our door! Can't get better than that!...

Love monkey from Glastonbury Ales

Love Monkey

Love Monkey! Fresh in From Glastonbury Ales. Subtle malty caramel flavors with hints of aromatic vanilla and delicious fruits finally succumb to a robust full on body....

clear head 0.5% a.b.v

Clear Head IPA 0.5% a.b.v

Our resident alcohol-free IPA from Bristol beer factory "Clear head" is a wonderful low 0.5% a.b.v (technically classed as alcohol-free) IPA. Bringing a hoppy and full-bodied addition to the Alcohol-Free world. made with the finest Citra & Mosaic hops which bring wonderfully big US-style citrus notes and a hint of lactose adds to the IPA body. a seriously delicious low a.b.v I.P.A ...